Make moths disappear from your property

If you have a moth infestation then whilst you read this, moths are causing hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds worth of damage to your clothes, carpets and curtains. Feeding on natural fibres such as wool, feathers and fur, moths can cause enormous and devastating damage to your home. Prevent this from happening by calling the moth extermination experts at Amisfield Pest Services today.

The group of creatures known as pantry moths feast on everything in your cupboards. Not only is this costly, it’s also extremely bad for your health. If you see signs of moths near your food, make sure you call Amisfield Pest Services today. We’ll eradicate any moth infestations, leaving your family to enjoy dinner without the company of any unwanted (and poorly behaved) guests.

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Working in stately homes

Amisfield Pest Services has a portfolio of over 5 stately homes when it comes to moth control. With a wealth of experience working in large, historic manor houses, Amisfield Pest Services is the name to call for moth control in Edinburgh and Lothian and Borders.

As a fully insured, qualified and certified pest removal expert, Amisfield Pest Services is the name to call.


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