Prevent molehills from corrupting your lawns

From creating unsightly blemishes on your lawn to polluting the land for your livestock, there’s no doubt that moles are a pest. Furthermore, given their presence underground, moles are extremely difficult to track and control without the help of professional pest services. This is where Amisfield Pest Services steps in.

In fact, there needn’t be a molehill at all. Amisfield Pest Services will use a variety of methods to completely rid your property of destructive moles. Mole catching can be a tiring and frustrating business, so why attempt it yourself? Amisfield Pest Services will take care of the entire process, from laying traps to clearing the land.

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Clients Include:

• Domestic clients
• Farmers
• Gardeners
• Groundskeepers
• Landscapers
• Letting agencies
• Caravan parks


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