Wish your bird issues would fly away?

Our team of specialist bird control experts in Edinburgh and Lothian and Borders are ready to take on any problem you might have with birds roosting around your building. This includes birds roosting on ledges, under factory loading bay canopies, in light wells, and inside buildings.

From anti-bird spikes to netting and even blank firing devices, Amisfield Pest Services are fully equipped to take care of nuisance birds in a safe, humane and effective way. We’ll install the bird control equipment that’s most suitable for your property, guaranteeing excellent results.

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Saving you money

Amisfield Pest Services highly recommends that you take action before the birds cause expensive damage to your property. With nests blocking chimneys, acidic bird waste corroding stonework and the birds themselves damaging roofs, it’s worth calling us before the bill gets even bigger.

Sometimes it’s not the birds themselves that are the problem, but instead it’s the mess they leave behind. Pigeon droppings (or Guano) for instance, are full of harmful bacteria and can cause illness if they come into contact with you, your family or your staff. Amisfield Pest Services can clean bird excrement quickly and efficiently, leaving your home or workplace safe and spotless.


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